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Intelectual Property


Trademarks and service marks are valuable business properties and these are the first things that consumers see when they look at a product or a service. The strategic protection is proprietary in order to avoid or prevent the unauthorized use of those assets which in certain cases can acquire an unimaginable economic value.

From screening prospective marks and right-to-use opinions to representing clients before the competent national authorities including the Bulgarian Patent Office and the international authorities including the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); from negotiating licenses to litigating trademark issues; from obtaining one trademark registration to maintaining multi-national trademark portfolios, DARAKEV Law Office possesses the depth of knowledge and the skills necessary to protect and promote these unique business assets.

DARAKEV Law Office provides the following legal services related to trademarks and service marks, including but not limited to:
•  Conducting searches for registered or applied trademarks/service marks with assessment of the registrability or potential conflicts with the trademark to be applied
tm-3•   Providing legal advices and representation in filing of trademark applications and renewal of registered trademarks
•   Negotiating and drafting trademark ownership and license agreements
•  Providing legal advices and representation in recordal of licenses, assignments and changes in trademark applications/registrations
•  Providing legal advices and representation in filing trademark applications in foreign countries, international trademark applications (under the Madrid Agreement or Protocol) and European (EU) trademark applications, recordal of changes, licenses, assignments and renewal of such trademark applications/registrations
• Conducting monitoring of trademarks and investigations related to trademarks infringements
•   Providing legal advices about the Bulgarian and EU customs trademark regulations
•   Legal assistance regarding market survey services for trademarks non-use invalidation
   roviding legal advices and representation in settlements of appeals, disputes, in- fringement actions of trademark rights, opposition and cancellation proceedings
•   Building and managing global trademark portfolios