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Intelectual Property

Industrial Designs

After investing time, energy and resources to create a new design of a product, the protection of the right to make, use and sell this product is critical to the success of any business.DARAKEV Law Office RegisteredDesignhelps its clients nationwide and internationally to navigate the complex design process.

DARAKEV Law Office advices and represents clients before the competent national authorities including the Bulgarian Patent Office and the international authorities including the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) regarding all industrial design issues.

DARAKEV Law Office provides the following legal services related to designs, including but not limited to:
      •     Conducting searches for registered or applied industrial designs with
             assessment  of  the registrability or potential conflicting with the 
             industrial design to be applied
      •     Providing legal advices and representation in filing of industrial design applications and renewal of registered industrial
      •     Negotiating and drafting design ownership and license agreements
      •     Providing legal advices and representation in recordal of licenses, assignments and changes in industrial design
•    Providing legal advices and representation in filing industrial      
      design  applications in  foreign countries,  international   and
      European  (EU)  industrial  design  applications,  recordal   of
      changes, licenses, assignments and renewal  of  such  design
•    Conducting monitoring of industrial designs  and  investigation
      related to designs infringements
•    Providing legal advices  and  representation  in  settlements of
      appeals, disputes, infringement actions of registered industrial
•    Providing  legal  advices  about  the  Bulgarian and EU customs
      design regulations