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Intelectual Property


In the industries driven by creativity, the protection of the original works is essential to protect the business. copyright-1DARAKEV Law Office works with its clients at every stage of the copyright process helping them to secure their own creative works and also advises the clients how to make business without violating copyrights held by others. DARAKEV Law Office routinely assists clients in all aspects of the Bulgarian and the EU copyright protection of a broad range of literary, computer software and artistic works.

DARAKEV Law Office provides the following legal services related to copyrights, including but not limited to:
copyright-21•     Providing legal advices concerning
      protection     of    the     creator’s
      personal   rights   relevant  to  the
      copyright  as  well as documenting
      and  proving copyright ownership
•    Providing legal  advices to copyright  holders during the production  and  assess-
      ment of competing rights of third parties
•    Drafting and assessment of copyright contracts and license agreements
•    Providing legal services regarding investigation and pursuit of copyright
•    Providing legal services regarding defense against unjustified allegations
      of copyright infringement and protection measures against injunctions
•    Out-of-court and in-court representation in copyright disputes