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Intelectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation and Anti-Counterfeiting Procedures

Intellectual property rights grant their owners an exclusive use right and allow them to prohibit any non-authorized use by thirdAnti-Counterfeitingparties. This right, without the possibility of enforcing it, is useless and incomplete. Therefore, it is necessary to consider tools to enforce the intellectual property rights. One of these tools is the adequate legal advice, since this is the main medium to enforce such rights.

All over the world the counterfeiting is exponentially increasing through the years, affecting directly the economy and the business. Trademark falsification generates important economic losses to trademark owners because counterfeiters use the prestige of certain trademarks in order to obtain illegal benefits. Moreover, counterfeiting affects the society as a whole, because consumers are deceived when they buy a product that they think is original, but is in fact counterfeited.

ip-litigation-11In DARAKEV Law Office’s view, negotiation is the best way to solve a conflict, and the Office strives hard to achieve a positive result through that medium. Nevertheless, it is very important to rely on a specialized litigation professional like DARAKEV Law Office not only to counsel in the eventual negotiation as such, but also to act if legal actions are necessary. The Law Office counsels and represents clients before all courts and competent authorities in Bulgaria and the European Union, including the Bulgarian Patent Office, the Commission on Protection of Competition and other institutions in respect of protection of intellectual property rights.