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Geographical Indications

Geographical indications are indications used to identify agricultural, natural or manufactured goods originating from a definite geographical territory and having a special quality, reputation or other characteristic. The manufactured goods should be produced or processed in that territory. eu-designations

Geographical indications encompass what is known as the Appellation of origin. Appellations of origin are special types of geographical indications used for products with a specific quality that is exclusively or essentially due to the geographical environment in which the products are produced.

DARAKEV Law Office provides the following legal services related to geographical indications, including but not limited to:
     •    Conducting searches for registered geographical indications with assessment of
           the registrability of the geographical indication to be applied or the user entry
     •    Providing legal advices and representation in filing and prosecuting geographical
GI-3indication applications or user entries, including response to or appeal against
office actions in the course of prosecution of geographical indication applications
•     Providing legal services in filing international geographical indication
      applications or user entries
•     Providing legal advices and representation in recordal of changes in
      geographical indication applications/registrations or user entries
•     Providing   legal  advices   and  representation  in  settlements   of
      appeals, disputes, infringement actions of geographical indication
•     Providing  legal  advices  about  the  Bulgarian  and  EU    customs
      geographical indication regulations